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Tlingit Orthodox Language Texts

First Version of the Lord’s Prayer in the Tlingit Language
translator unknown – manuscript 1812, published 1816 (0.2 MB)

An Exercise in Translation into the Tlingit Language
Selection from “Observations about the Tlingit & Kodiak languages”
by Dimitry Larionov – published 1846 by St. Innocent (Veniaminov) (0.4 MB)

• Holy Gospel According to St. Matthew
by Rdr. Ivan Nadezhdin – manuscript 1854-1859

An Early Published Version of the Lord’s Prayer
Selection from “The Frigate Pallada: Descriptions of the Voygage of Ivan Goncharov”
by Rdr. Ivan Nadezhdin – published 1858 by Ivan Goncharov (0.5 MB)

Prayers in the Tlingit (Kolosh) Language
by Fr. Vladimir Donskoi – published 1895 (0.1 MB)

Membership Regulations & Oath
Orthodox Society of St. Michael the Archangel in Sitka
by St. Anatoly (Kamensky) – manuscript 1896 (0.2 MB)

Sbornik (Selections) of Church Hymns and Prayers
by Rdr. Ivan Nadezhdin – published 1896 (0.2 MB)

The Indication of the Pathway into the Kingdom of Heaven: Part 1
by St. Innocent (Veniaminov), translated by Sergei I. Kostromitinov – published 1901 (0.2 MB)

Short History of the Old & New Testaments (in Questions & Answers)
• Part 1: Old Testament History
• Part 2: New Testament History
by Fr. Vladimir Donskoi and Michael Sinkiel’ – published 1901 (0.9 MB)

Orthodox Burial Hymn, Tone 6
Translation of the hymn “As ye behold me lie before you all”
by Fr. Andrew P. Kashevarof – typewritten 1920 (0.1 MB)

Selections from the Twelve Pre-Communion Prayers
Prayers 1, 4, 8, 11 of the Pre-Communion Rule of Prayers
by Fr. Andrew P. Kashevarof – typewritten 1920 (0.4 MB)